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Transmission Drop

The reincarnated Hot Dogs drop a hot rock EP

by | Nov 17, 2011

Transmission Drop
Past Tense, Future Perfect

Transmission Drop is the reincarnation of The Hot Dogs, an indie-pop-punk band that kicked around town in the first half of the last decade. It’s a return to loud and messy rock for frontman Jeff Badger, who’s released a couple of oddly catchy, quirky albums in the interim, the most recent as half of Custardpaws & Mr. Freezy (see The Buffalo, from earlier this year).

The foursome put out a five-song demo EP in 2010, and this fall they’ve “dropped” a four-song EP that’s only slightly above demo-quality. The acoustics don’t matter. This is a fun side project for guys with other cool stuff to do. Badger and drummer Pat Corrigan, for example, are better known for their visual art. (Disclosure: both have also contributed work to The Bollard.)

This ain’t art. It’s two rough rockers (“Elevator,” “Enough”), one of Badger’s clever comic ballads (“Force Quit”), and an extended take on a dreamy song called “The Man Who Laughed Out Loud,” which appeared on Badger’s 2008 solo album, Barnacles & Bandages. While Badger had the guys in the garage, they should’ve banged out new versions of some of the rockier songs from Barnacles, like “I’m Grateful to Frank” and “Number Thirteen,” and tacked those on, as well.

But whatever. Like I said, this ain’t art, it’s four guys having a good time. Give Past Tense a listen and you will, too.



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