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by | Apr 15, 2020

Like the brain-damaged anarchist that I am, let me take this opportunity to preach my mispronounced sermon of combustive political musings. I blame Trump. Of course I blame Trump. The pitiful man has the intellect of a fruit fly and is about as reflective as a black hole.

The metaphor of chickens coming home to roost doesn’t even approach the tragedy we are living — not by a long shot. Many of those who voted and enthusiastically cheerleaded for Trump are now being thrown under the bus and told that their lives are expendable. Right-wing hucksters and political cake-decorators are enthusiastically taking advantage of their gullible fan base and trying to hawk their 21st century snake oil! The swarming army of perverse conservatives has trained its acolytes not to be critical thinkers, and are now trying to profit from this taught disability.


On a personal level, I am certainly making do. Though I try to enmesh myself in as many social conspiracies as my limited means can afford, I have no problem with solitude. In many ways, solitude is my preferred state. My cubbyhole apartment is insulated with a fuck-ton of books, so at least in that sense I am very well endowed. And the tsunami of solitude allows me to proudly preen my lax hygiene!

Facebook also offers endless amusements, though I have been reeled in by the powers-that-be for my colorful and overenthusiastic criticism of the president. Besides my books and the occasional expedition into Internet-delivered movies, I try to keep my hope alive and stay sane by keeping as up-to-date on the news as I can.

I have always been a big proponent of community, doubly so now. It’s easy to forget its importance when you’re bouncing from one social gathering to the next. But how do you socially connect when the community is in medical lockdown?

At the risk of sounding like a Taoist mystic, you must transcend the superficial to perceive and receive the eternal. Friends are essential and community is crucial, so to help us better appreciate the gifts they bring to our lives, an occasional hiccup to the system lets us reset our focus.

I apologize if this attitude seems overly lackadaisical. The suffering from this fallout is the real deal. Businesses and relationships will be lost, lives will be lost! This perfect storm of shittiness was created by a parallel alignment of greed, stupidity, and a false sense of invulnerability. This fire will only be extinguished with an honest look at the world as it is and a sincere desire to better both it and ourselves for the benefit of everybody.

And let there be no doubt, this is a game-changer! As the treachery of certain obnoxious actors becomes more apparent with every word they utter, so too does the unstained goodness of others. I have never been a big follower of trends, fads or other people. But when the tragedy of a century hits you like a bowling ball, not only do we need unity and cooperation, we need people who can demonstrate leadership and a mature understanding of what we are up against.

Instead, it seems like the conspiracy has aligned the pins to reap the most profit, and the overfed hucksters are living by the adage to “never let a good crisis go to waste.” The people need to focus, see the rug getting pulled, and simply say, “Nope, not on my watch!” I am the first to preach tolerance, but to tolerate injustice is an injustice to all.

There will be a time for singing, dancing and making merry, but now is the time for digging your trenches and defending your base. In a world that is ever-changing, determination and stubborn-mindedness have become rare commodities whose value is incalculable in this time of crisis.

But we can’t petrify our hearts against the need to adapt to the swirling circumstances. Place your strength in adaptation if you have any hope of salvation. Now is the time to remember all the things that were drilled into us as kids, the stuff we gladly abandoned when we thought we could get away with it:

• Cover your mouth and nose if you cough or sneeze.

• Keep your hands clean.

• Don’t make-out with attractive strangers.

• And, most importantly of all, let the people you love know that you care about them.

The task ahead of us seems impossible, but every journey begins with a single step. Be smart, stay safe, and embrace the spirit of solitude. History has perched us on the precipice of an epochal opportunity. Let’s not squander our thoughts on selfishness and trickery. As we fight this blight, we must do what’s right, hold on to our hopes, stay home and sit tight. Sometimes paranoia saves lives.  #INTHISTOGETHER

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