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Sean Mencher

by | Dec 2, 2018

Sean Mencher
Sean Mencher Plays Guitar
Swelltune Records

Sean Mencher is, hands down, one of the finest guitarists ever to call Maine home. Despite his towering talent, he’s also one of the most humble and gracious souls I’ve ever met, and yeah, that makes a difference. Mencher’s been to the top of Rockabilly Mountain, playing with greats like Ronnie Dawson and in the highly acclaimed roots trio High Noon. But around here, you can usually catch him at least once a week in a café or the corner of some restaurant, playing for tips and grins.

His new solo acoustic album, Sean Mencher Plays Guitar, is a generous helping of 16 instrumental compositions by Mencher and his heroes and friends. Recorded by Todd Hutchisen at Acadia Recording Co. in Bayside, using a vintage RCA ribbon mic from Al Hawkes’ historic Event Records studio in Westbrook, the playing is impeccable throughout. Highlights include masterful originals like the Old Western number “Comanche Moon” and the jaw-dropping “Sir Swish,” as well as Mencher’s ass-kickin’ rendition of Merle Travis’ “Walkin’ the Strings” and his tender take on Merle Haggard’s “Sing Me Back Home.” My favorite: “The Mensch,” an aptly named klezmer song by local flautist/guitarist Carl Dimow, written for the mensch himself.

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