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Lunch Cult

by | May 15, 2020

Mainer is psyched to premiere this psychedelic video for “Return to Cucumber Castle,” which also marks the return of Lunch Cult, the genre-trespassing musical adventure of Jake Lichter, Luke Macdonald and friends. “Castle” opens the three-song suite Knights & Knaves, released on May Day. The visuals are by video artist Caroline Bennett, who amusingly illustrates this Atari-on-acid soundtrack while developing wondrous elaborations of her own.

We’ve learned by now to expect the unexpected from Lunch Cult. From the geek-punk of their great self-titled release five years ago to 2018’s yacht-pop affair, Let’s Hear It For Lunch Cult!, this collaboration never fails to surprise and delight. Lately, Lichter’s also been cranking out frenetically freaky beats and instrumentals with Stice, an experimental electronic duo based in Brooklyn, which we also highly recommend.           

It’s pretty much just Jake and Luke on this Lunch Cult release, holed up in a cabin in Rangeley last fall, twisting dials and blowing horns and bangin’ on stuff. Jake Tobin plays a tiny sopranino sax on “Castle,” the most melodic and lively of the batch. “Knavesong” and “Knightsong” dwell on deeper, danker levels of the “dungeon synth” genre, an intriguingly eerie realm where keyboards babble and drool, chill tones float ghostlike through pixelated walls and soft static breezes make your arm hairs stand up. Expect to be confounded, but be prepared to be charmed by this deceptively listenable release.

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