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We’re No. 1!

by | Nov 9, 2020


Ho, ho, ho — now what is this, ladies and gentlemen? We, being the state of Maine, are to receive $2 million towards the advancement of wind power. Yup. The Department of Commerce has seen fit to give us two mil’ so Maine can be a leader in the offshore wind game.

Any why not? Maine’s always been the team that, they get knocked down, they come back swinging. ’Cause we got the talent, for one thing. And everyone’s looking for us to be the leaders of this movement, not lay back and wait for Mass. or Florida. It’s to be floating tech, not getting in anybody’s way, and others with the eyesight to look ahead are chipping in matching money.

Swear to fuck, you cannot keep this state down. Then comes the next day, and the Harold Alfond Foundation decides to give this state maybe the largest donation in its history — half a billion dollars, folks. To boost the economy. This foundation sees exactly where the future lies.

It’s nice to be recognized, ain’t it? After about five years, you wait and see: an educated person can finally go home at night, kick back and smoke one. We’ll have ideas popping out all over. I guarantee, bud. Now we’ll have ingenuity with imagination. And who knows where that could lead to?


Today I see this company called Puritan Medical is partnering with a longtime Maine construction firm to build a new COVID swab factory in Pittsfield. Gonna produce 200 new jobs. I realize that’s not a huge number of jobs, but what they’re gonna do is big. I just hope they’ll move quick — we sure need them testing swabs in a hurry.

And now, after years and years, they’ve finally learned to do something with some of the vacant land in this town. Only a small bit of space is changing for now, but dammit, it’s a start. They’re turning the Franklin Street median into a meadow! Darn sure better than mowing it. Plenty of bees — who’ll be the first to farm honey there? And hey, now we’re only one step away from farming hemp. But whose idea was it to plant daffodils?

I been getting a flood of campaign literature. I guess the big one with all the hoopla is Collins versus Gideon. For me, it all comes down to this: Gideon is ooh-la-la! Who do you want to look at for the next six years? I’m using Ms. Sara Gideon’s lit as a placemat so’s I can look at her more often.

In all seriousness, it don’t matter what Collins looks like. It’s the bad shit she done that makes me and others so darn angry. And there’s one thing missing from all this mail: nobody wants to talk about our sea coast, or how much it means to us. Don’t they get it?

I’ve actually heard Trump mention our fishing biz in the past, but I don’t remember what he said. Whatever it was isn’t makin’ me vote for him, even if he came up and paid me. And he’s not. I believe he is withholding our safety checks.

Trump is makin’ me a bit nervous as he loses the election. I think he is capable of doing bad things. Christ, that first debate made me think of a kid, hollerin’ first and loudest. Careful, bub — the quietest person is often the best heard.

Right now, I don’t care about the election so long as they knock it off with these no-facemask gatherings. You could slam ’em all for not caring about lives, for Christ’s sake. Or, fuck it, attempted murder. Are they breaking the law or not? Course they are. What, just arrest who you happen to feel like arresting?

You know, sometimes I do believe I’ll vote for the first person that doesn’t use the phrase “I approve this message.” Tedious.

The COVID is taking another bad turn today, and so is the weather. I honestly believe that’s a lot of where we get our character. Who else but some nut from Maine would even consider going out on a boat in the snow in October? Oh, and with a northwestern wind and gale warnings in effect. And you know you’re out there with a wind chill below zero and you are icing the fish. Or you’re kneeling in cold mud digging out clams, as many as you can, going like crazy to beat the tide. Yup, you know, a day’s work.

Maybe that’s the test the hopeful politicos must take. I’d sure bet it’d give ’em somethin’ to say.

You know, there was a time folks’d say “as Maine goes, so goes the nation.” Well, I think the time for that being said will be back. And I stand by this: Maine is number one. Always will be.


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