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Crying Nazis and Wannabe Kings

by | Jan 24, 2020

Here’s a short film, featuring the presentation of the New Albion flag from Tom Kawczynski to Chris Cantwell, plus a primer on New Albion’s rules and borders.

The Greenville, Maine-based neo-Nazi Kawczynski has abandoned his bid for the White House. In a dramatic pivot, the former town manager of Jackman cancelled his presidential campaign and is now anti-American. He wants to be King of his own revised-and-expanded, white Christian ethno-state. In New Albion, Kawczynski says, abortion, gay marriage, speaking Spanish, and property taxes will not be allowed.

At least that’s what he told Christopher Cantwell — the New Hampshire man known as the “Crying Nazi,” who hosts the Radical Agenda podcast — on Monday night. Three days later, Cantwell was arrested in Keene by federal agents and charged with two criminal counts connected to an allegation that he threatened to rape the wife of a political foe who lives in another state.

All week long, Kawczynski has been under attack for his long-time friendship with Cantwell. Enemies of Cantwell hijacked Kawczynski’s “New Albion Social Chat” on Telegram, an encrypted messaging platform where Kawczynski and his clan spew racist conversations and memes without fear of violating the terms-of-service standards of mainstream social-media platforms.

During a Facebook livestream Wednesday, Kawczynski complained that he’d wasted three days dealing with the influx of angry Cantwell adversaries storming his social media and demanding he renounce Cantwell as a comrade.

Kawczynski, who prides himself as being extremely loyal to the white supremacist “Movement,” declined to disavow Cantwell, who is suspected by many of becoming an FBI informant after his arrest at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, in August of 2017. Cantwell is also accused of doxxing other far-right activists in revenge for perceived slights. 

Meanwhile, Kawczynski continues to invite other neo-Nazis to move to Maine to help create a new nation, with a shadow government, ready to take over when the U.S. collapses.

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