Mainer is the new incarnation of The Bollard, the free monthly news-and-arts magazine founded in 2005 by former Casco Bay Weekly editor Chris Busby. (The full archive of past Bollard content will eventually be transferred to mainernews.com; until then, it’s all available at thebollard.com.) In May of 2019, Busby launched Mainer in collaboration with writer, filmmaker and podcaster Crash Barry, a longtime Bollard contributor and fellow CBW alum. Together they founded the Mainer News Cooperative, a worker-owned solidarity (multi-stakeholder) cooperative that includes Mainer staff and regular contributors. Read Busby’s May 2019 Bollard story for more about the birth of Mainer.

The Mainer News Cooperative’s members are: Busby (Editor in Chief), Barry (Editor at Large), Nathan Galvez (Art Director) and regular contributors Samuel James, Phoebe Kolbert, “Tackle Box” Billy Kelley, Robin Rage, Joe Sweeney, Katy Finch, Bob Bergeron, and Dan Zarin. Our Advertising Department is staffed by Jesse Galkowski () and Capt. Carle Hildreth (). Other regular contributors include Zara Boss, Sarah Bouchard, Darren Fishell, Jessie Lacey, Kenneth W. Beek and Tom Major.

Mainer is supported by its advertisers and its readers, like you, who value independent local journalism. For the cost of one pint of Maine craft beer each month, you can help Mainer publish more content and keep it free for everyone. There’s no paywall or article-limit on mainernews.com, but our digital subscribers get early access to special features, the ability to post comments on this site, bonus material, and more. Click here for more info.

Like The Bollard, Mainer specializes in investigative reporting and news analysis that challenge mainstream media narratives, expose injustice, and explore paths to a more equitable, sustainable and peaceful future. Mainer covers arts and cultural happenings statewide and publishes work by and about Maine artists, musicians and makers. We also publish satire, produce local podcasts, stream local music and movies, and more. The free monthly print edition of Mainer is available at over 400 locations in Maine. Print subscriptions are available to our digital subscribers upon request, at no additional charge.

For more about Mainer, contact Chris Busby at , or call us at 207-252-8211.

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